Guidelines for good healthy Life

Health is a thousand blessings. A healthy body is a healthy mind. Therefore, for good health, follow the following guidelines and diet and stay away from diseases and live a healthy life.

Guidelines for good healthy Life

Minimize animal products for good health. Eat less fatty meat. Never eat smoked food / fast food. Remember that high protein intake is bad for your health. One cup of yogurt daily is very good for health.

Use yogurt lassi. Don’t drink too many cold drinks. Always use fresh fruits and salads. Wash them well before eating. Never cook food in aluminum pots.

Make the most of garlic and onions in your diet. Garlic and onions are the best natural antibiotics that protect against diseases. Do not mix a variety of foods while eating. Eat one type of food first then eat another type of food.

Eating breakfast twice a day and after Maghrib prayers is the best rule for good health. Eat foods rich in vitamin B17 such as basil, pineapple, lemons, turnips, beets, apples, peaches, grapes, watermelons, strawberries, cherries, apricots, mulberries, berries, capsicum, pears, pale potatoes, yellow tomatoes, corn.

These foods boost the immune system and protect against cancer, as well as strengthen the body’s immune system against the coronavirus. Apricot kernels are rich in vitamin B17.

All yellow vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamin B17, so if your doctor prescribes a vitamin, don’t forget to include it in your diet.

Vitamin B17 eliminates cancer and is the most effective in infectious diseases. Both tea and coffee are harmful to healthy Life, but if you have to, drink pure milk tea instead of coffee.

Avoid excessive use of peppers and mustard. Artificially made Avoid applying perfumes, body sprays, creams, and polishes.

Do not keep chemicals near you that are used to dilute paint or polish or to clean various types of stains. Do not use tobacco in any form.

Try to stay away from smokers as their smoke will be as harmful to you as it is to the smoker. Always drink lukewarm boiled water. In the morning, lukewarm water cleanses the stomach and intestines, reduces diabetes, liver disease, and women’s weight, as well as relieves period disorders.

Take a walk every day and exercise for fifteen to twenty minutes whenever possible. Avoid foods that use artificial colors/food colors.

Lose weight. Obesity can help with heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Make sure you get an annual medical checkup. Try to keep yourself happy. Make your thinking positive Try to be free from various stressful or stressful situations.

Drink plenty of freshly squeezed juices from a variety of salads, such as carrots and beets. We can live a healthy life by following these principles. Note: Hakeem Ahmad Hussain is a Gold Medalist Authoritative Physician of the Coalition National Council for Medicine (Ministry of Health) of the Government of Pakistan.


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