Easy Home Remedies for Wrinkles 2021

Human age can be estimated by human hands, experts say that the effect of our aging is on the hands first. The same thing happened to the woman who, despite being 46 years old, looked like she was 70 years old, but then she decided to protect him.
Here are some tips to help you get your hands looking beautiful and youthful. People who have aging skin should try this recipe and it will be very useful for those who want to keep their hands beautiful.


Mix with a tablespoon and egg white and apply this mixture on your hands. Wash your hands when they are dry, this will keep the hands moist and the skin beautiful.


This will make your hands soft and supple. Boil some potatoes and grind them after boiling, now add a tablespoon of olive oil, honey and milk and mix well. Now refrigerate this mixture and apply it on the hands three times a week and leave it for 15 minutes. In a few weeks you will see a clear difference.

Lemons and sugar:

Extract the juice of half a lemon, add two tablespoons of sugar and apply on hands when dissolved. When dry, wash your hands with soap.

Almond oil:

Dip your hands in almond oil while sleeping at night and then soak in cold water for five minutes. Now apply some greasy cream and wear cotton gloves. The next morning your hands will be soft and supple.

Petroleum Jelly:

At night, apply petroleum jelly on your hands and wear cotton gloves. The next morning your hands will get wet.



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